Work boots, safety boots
Designed to support you in tough and hazardous situations, the safety work boots are the most favoured decision when you look for solidness, complete security and solace. In any case, to experience the advantages and solaces, it is critical that you select the right pair. But how would you do that? To guarantee that you can work to the best of your capacity with awesome comfort, here are a few tips that will help you purchase the best pair of safety boots:

1.       Go for quality that comes in better than average cost
From purchasing every day staple goods to a major interest in homes, we as a whole need to spare cash and purchasing these boots are no special case. So you have to guarantee that you purchase quality items from a brand that offers predominant quality at sensible costs.

2.       Shop toward the evening
Strolling for the duration of the day grows your feet as an after effect of expanded blood stream. So abstain from going for work boots shopping in the morning and keep it for the evening. This will help you select the right size, giving most extreme solace.

3.       Choose comfort over strength
Is it accurate to say that you are purchasing your first match of armed force boots? If yes, you should pick comfort over sturdiness. Nonetheless, there are brands that offer both solidness and comfort together and you're fortunate in the event that you can discover one.

Thus, considering these points when buying safety boots will help you pick the right and perfect pair
When working in an environment of hazards, protecting your feet becomes most important as they are vulnerable. You’re at the risk of damaging your feet from slips, falls, heavy or sharp objects. To prevent such accidents or damage, it is important to wear safety shoes with toe caps that will protect your toes from hurting.
Let’s go through the 3 best toe cap types for safety footwear:
Steel toe caps
These toe caps are widely used and is considered to be the traditional choice when it comes providing protection to your feet from sharp falling objects. However, shoes with these toe caps won’t be suitable for cold weather conditions as they will keep your feet cold. But the good thing is that it gives enough space to your toes to spread naturally.
Aluminium toe caps
These toe caps are lighter in weight and as strong as steel. This is the reason that some individuals prefer wearing them as they find them more comfortable than the shoes with steel caps. They also conduct cold, but are not as cold as those with steel caps.

Composite toe caps
These toe caps are made from carbon fibre or plastics and offer great support. They are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and can work through metal detectors as well. Also, they do not conduct cold and so can be used in colder climatic conditions.
Thus, these 3 toe caps are essential for your safety shoe if you want complete protection of your feet. You can browse through the range of Warrior shoes to pick a pair with suitable toe caps for your work conditions.
Though most of the people think winter and snow boots to be the same, the fact is that snow boots are different from the winter boots. Both are designed to keep your feet warm, but snow work boots have some additional features such as snow boots can be worn in wet conditions as well and can keep your feet warm, no matter how cold it is.

Here are the things that you should look for when buying snow boots:

The height

To ensure that the snow doesn’t get into your boot, your boot should be at least above the hem of your pants or above your ankle.

The upper materials used in snow boots are often leather or nylon and they are taped or sealed to ensure complete protection from moisture. They also come with a fleece collar at the top to keep snow away.
The soles are very important when you buy snow work boots as they will protect your feet from getting wet. So you should look for boots that are made of 100 per cent waterproof material like rubber.
Waterproof soles will ensure complete protection from cold and wet conditions and also it will become easier for you to clean your boots and maintain them as they can be easily rinsed off.
Thus, considering the above points when buying snow boots for you workplace will help you pick the right and the best pair.
With the monsoons just behind us, it is common to see shoes being damaged. It happens because of the steady contact with water that is bound to happen during the rainy seasons. You cannot do much about the rain, but if your shoe has come apart or there are scruff marks on them, we have a few very effective repair tips that we think will be very effective in saving you a few bucks. Let’s get started.

Broken Shoe Straps or Torn Laces
The weakest part of any boot, no matter how much care Military boots manufacturers in India, is shoe laces and it will be the first of things to come apart. During the entire period of using your shoe, the laces will have to be replaced more than once. Especially if these are leather shoes and the laces are nylon made. Keeping that in mind, shoe makers provide laces too. You can easily buy them at any shoe store and replace the broken one in matter of minutes.

Deep Scratches and Marks
Walking on rough terrain and through stony paths, your military boots will very likely bear tamper marks on the upper covering. But always you can simply polish these marks away and be done with the concern of your footwear looking bad. Roll on shoe polish bars and sticks are the best for fast and easy polishes. You can buy these at your nearest shoe store and maintain how your boots look despite rough use and walking in hostile terrains.

Disengaged Soles
Though Military boots manufacturers India make their products keeping in mind that you will take your boots through water and muddy patches, there is only so much they can do about preventing the eventual sole disengagement. When that happens, you can repair it with some industrial glue. Don’t use commercial products that advertise a few drops for everything! If that doesn’t work take your boots to cobblers in your local market and they should be able to put your shoe back to order.

Relations are so varied and complicated you wouldn't know of all until you are a part of that relationship as well. We have closely followed the development in Kenya in recent decades and we have come to observe a very interesting relation that Indian shoemakers share with Kenyan workers toiling day in and out in the industries.   

The exploding industrial scene in Kenya

If you didn't already know Kenya is the most peaceful of all East African nations and it has propelled it on a path of growth and development that other nations in the region can only dream of.

As of now the nation is way ahead in the sectors of manufacturing and exports. Currently the nation has over 500 different industries and over 2 million people working in then. That is huge compared to other countries in the vicinity of this nation. The nation is still developing new manufacturing avenues and new sub sectors are emerging each day.

Cement wheat cigarettes and sugar are some of Kenya's famous exports. The share of the industrial output was 15.7% which is lot compared to the nations in the African continent. This of course needs a lot of workers to man the industries and every day new people are dining employment here in the industries producing sugar, clothes and beer and everything in between.
Helping modern Kenyans reach their dreams

The modern Kenya is not what you know of it from the books. People here are more educated than their neighbours and have a very good understanding of world economy and they know that they need to contribute to their future through industry and hard work. Helping then are Indian shoemakers who are better than local shoe manufacturers. For less the price, safety shoe exporters in India are making dreams come true for millions in the east African nation.

It’s a relation that Safety Shoe Exporters in India share with many nations in the Middle East and other African nations as well. With the assurance of great footwear on their feet, people in the developing and underdeveloped nations are confident chasing their dreams.

Liberty has always believed in manufacturing the best quality shoes in the industry. And bring that expertise in the industrial shoe segment inculcate the latest technology to Manufacturers of Safety Footwear in India. Renowned globally for its toughness yet being comfortable at the same time we make sure that we are updated with latest features in the market to build a standard safety shoe. We are among the fastest growing company catering to international clients to make their productivity better. We believe in making the working life effective with keeping the shoe light to carry around.

Coming from the house of top 5 leather Manufacturers of Safety Shoes in India Warrior shoes has a name of authenticity in the global arena. Our specialized team at the background are always working testing better technology and thus inculcating those on the industrial shoes to make sure that you are safe to work at the harsh conditions.

Our footwear is tested in accordance with EN ISO 20345: 2011 which is correspond to the requirements of the European Standards for Personal Protective.

Must have features which are effectively placed with other technological advanced features on Warrior shoe are:

Anti Skid

To prevent the wearer from the dangerous slips and trips at the work station, Warrior safety shoe’s sole are anti skid which is one of the major features required for the construction workers and the professionals working in the manufacturing units.

Anti Static Sole
Most of the time shoes can dissipate on the ground the electrostatic tension accumulated inside the body, anti static sole avoids this unpleasant occurring of shocks and sparks. In some working environments, for instance where there is the risk of explosions these shoes are a must to wear while working on the workstation.

Light Weight
Safety shoes are usually very heavy but with DIP and fine leather quality Warrior’s safety shoes are of light weight and easy to carry around while you are working heavily on the ground. Special soles give a push to make a worker perform better and effectively throughout the long tiring day.

Kelwar Midsole

This prevents worker from the sharp objects hurting the foot of the worker especially from sharp nails or high edge pins.

Composite Toe Cap

The ultimate agenda to develop a safety shoe is to reduce the danger of foot injuries and for the same steel toe cap is build to protect one from the major hazards at the workplace caused by accidental mishaps. Metal toe cap protect your ankles and they provide protection from falling objects and sharp materials. With the in build technology of shock consumption, Warrior shoe is capable of consuming shock up to 200 Joules caused by the rolling.

These are some of the features described here but Warrior safety boots are equipped with many such features which are of high importance in the field of industry professionals. We believe in making the life of the professionals less tiring and free of hazards.

Every employer has the responsibility of ensuring safety of their workforce. Ideally, the employer should have the workplace completely reviewed for all hazards and risks associated with the workplace and then provision for all necessary safety equipment that will keep workers safe and out of harm’s way. But in cases when your employer fails to provide the protection, you will have to ask for it and that is where the information below on what your employer should ideally do for you will come in handy.

Provide you proper training
When a new worker is inducted at a new workplace, he or she is offered a proper induction wherein they are introduced to their supervisors and instructed on safety measures and other related guidelines in place regulating worker safety etc. If your employer failed to induct you properly or missed out on providing you the necessary training then do bring the matter to their attention and getting them to help you get the appropriate training.

Provide you with the necessary safety gears
To start working safely you will need the right equipment. Your employer should provide you with the right gear whether it is goggles, gloves or footwear and unless you get that do not begin working or you will be exposing yourself to the hazards of your workplace. At the very minimum, you will need the best footwear made by Safety Shoe Manufacturers in India and at least a good pair or work gloves.

If you every feel that you are being exposed to unnecessary hazards raise your voice and say no to unsafe workplaces.